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Zookel.com for all your job and employment needs covering London and the UK

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Why Zookel?

At Zookel we're happy to be different!

We believe the time for sending out CV's and then sitting back and waiting for someone to contact you is over. As a candidate you need to use your network, you need to stand out, and you need to be ready. We also realise that when it comes to candidates with these needs the traditional sites (including social networks) don't really cut it. Zookel was built to address this shortfall!

So how's Zookel Different?

  1. Networking Made Easy (leveraging your Social Networks).

    • Why build a social network when you already have one, two or even three. What's important is how you use the networks you've already established!
    • Zookel recognises this and works with over 20 major sites, so whether its friends in Facebook or former colleagues in LinkedIn you can easily spread the word that you're looking for a new challenge with the people who know you and who can recommend or refer you.
    • Why's this important? According to The Wall Street Journal, nearly 90% of jobs are filled through referrals.

  2. Career Tools to Open Doors

    • Not sure what a great CV looks like - no problem Zookel's CV builder will take you through it step by step.
    • Need a professional online profile - no problem your Zookel Web CV is exactly that. And as a bonus it comes with a customisable URL & a host of advanced features.
    • What to understand your career preferences and prove you're a great candidate - no problem Zookel's psychometric profile has been developed to help.
    • Keen to tell employers in your own words why they should hire you - no problem with Zookel you can record (or upload) your video CV.

  3. Questions answered + market intelligence

    • With Zookel's Forums you can network with job seekers, HR experts & employers to ask the questions you've always wanted to, to get under the skin of the recruitment process, and to find out more about specific employers (incl. the good, the bad and the ugly).
    • What are your peers being paid? What should you be paid? Our comprehensive salary database allows you to quickly assess both your current salary and any offers that you receive.
    • Where are they based? What industries do they officially operate in? What prospects can they offer? Get the inside track on 3.9 million using Zookel's Company Search.